Ilford Passimeter

An American idea, introduced into this country in 1934 and sold to many railway companies. It was a self contained ticket issuing and collection facility, which could be run by just one railway employee. He could issue a wide range of tickets from the racks beside the window, and could check season tickets and other permits to travel. Passengers leaving the trains would have to surrender the correct ticket before the gate was released to allow them through.

Parcels could also be accepted, and you will see the scales used to weigh the package, which would be charged by weight and distance to be sent.

Brian Pask

“It was, I think, the last survivor on BR

“Further on this matter, when in use latterly at Ilford this office had an APTIS machine, but for many years it would have had Edmondson ticket racks and a dating press. I presume you will fit it out internally thus. From memory there were two racks, one on each side of the entry side booking window.”